Blockchain Demystified

30th October 2018 / Meetups
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Blockchain Demystified

We are delighted to announce our first blockchain demystified session which will take place on the 27th of February in the the Bank of Ireland, Workbench offices, Eyre Square, Galway at 6.00 pm.

The idea behind this session is to provide an overview to those new to the technology and want to learn more.

This is the first of four sessions spread over 4 months comprising of:-

1. Blockchain overview - everything you've ever wanted to know but were afraid to ask. Session followed by Q&A, Pizza & Beer!

2. Crypto Currencies in more depth plus an introduction to trading, covering the best exchanges, wallets, security and ICO's

3. Blockchain technology for developers - using blockchain to replace centralised servers, token creation, different blockchain algorithms, security

4. Applications for blockchain, top 5 TBC - hot contenders Finance, Health, Legal, IoT, Identity Management (GDPR etc.)

In our first session we will explore the following:-

What is Bloockchain?

History - how it was came about.

Why it was created.

What is it used for at the moment?

What will it be used for in the future?

We will literally break this down learning 'block by block' so all participants can get something out of the session.

For more information email [masked] or phone[masked]

Update 6 February 2018

Attendees - I have been asked by a number of people from different walks of life if they can attend this event. This is open to all people who are intrigued by Blockchain technology and would like to know more. We would love people from different professions to attend for example people from Banks, Credit Unions, the legal profession, engineers, students etc. What is important is that the session is informative, positive and constructive, acting as a stepping stone for those who would like to gain some understanding and maybe even take their interest a step further.

We will be streaming this event live on Youtube so if you cannot make it in person you can still tune in.

Download the free Bitcub app on Android so you can exchange our Community Credits in the session. This will show how easy it is to send credit over the blockchain.

iOS coming soon

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