The Blockchain Event

The Blockchain Event

The Florida Blockchain Event

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When is it?

15th February 2018 to 16th February 2018


Join the entrepreneurs, developers, industry leaders and investors at The Blockchain Event this February 15 - 16, 2018, in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Learn everything about blockchain business models which will take this distributed ledger technology into every market imaginable from shipping to commerce. Learn how ICOs and cryptocurrencies can be leveraged to gain customers, add value to company offerings and differentiate products and services. Industry experts and founders of cutting-edge global startups will discuss everything from fever to CBOE attention and potential regulation and security concerns, as well as what the future holds for blockchain and electronic currency in general.

Topics to be discussed

Blockchain, Digital Currency, Bitcoin, ICO, Ethereum, Cryptocurrency
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    Fort Lauderdale, Florida, FL -
    United States
  • 15th February 2018 to 16th February 2018
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