Ethereum Blockchain Dev Study group

29th October 2018 / Meetups
  • 81 Prospect St
    WeWork Dumbo Heights
  • 29th October 2018
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We will be doing the following:
0. Hackathon Info
1. Quiz
2. Review assignments
3. Quick Trouble shoot LinniaJS environment for hackathon
4. Discuss any questions, ideas, related to development
5. Backlog Grooming: AttendanceCoin
6. Work on AttendanceCoin Card or Personal Dapp
Bring your laptops and thinking caps!

Want to get up to date? We have covered the following
All of lessons

We are up to Keys and Address Chapter in Mastering Ethereum:

We are up to video 10 of Stephen Grider's Ethereum Course:

We are starting to watch videos in this series:

You should look at our AttendenceCoin Project and sign up for slack to start contributing:

You should know the Javascript, Terminal and git (see Codecademy courses below)

We will start to look at learning React:

Some useful guides are:
1. Our Slack:

2. Online Office Hours (Thursdays 8pm to 9pm EST):

3. A hands on example of blockchains:

4. Mastering Ethereum (open source book):

5. Linnia Protocol (Protocol for Data permissions):

6. Ethereum White Paper:

7. Codeacademy-like site for Solidity:

8. What's Solidity:

9. Consensys Smart Contracts Best Practices:

10. Stephen Grider's Ethereum Course (~$10):

9. ConsenSys Academy Resources:

10. Programmable blockchains in context: Ethereum’s future, by Vinay Gupta:

11. Blockchain at Berkeley:

12. Blockchain at Berkeley Videos:

13. Solidity Docs:

14. Ethereum Beige Paper (more accessible technical explanation):

15. Ethereum Yellow Paper (really technical explanation):

16. IPFS (distributed file system):

17. How to use Git:

18. Git course on Codecademy:

19. Command Line course on Codecademy:

18. JavaScript course on Codecademy:

Newbies very much welcomed! But please prep beforehand with at least some of the resources. Pick one and try to read or work through it.

You should know how to program in JavaScript or Python at least. If you don't, you can check out Codecademy and go thru the JavaScript course.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to message me directly.
I am here to help.

Topics to be discussed

Ethereum Blockchain Dev Study group event listing logo

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