World Ethical Data Forum

Barcelona Blockchain Conference 2019

20th September 2019 / Conferences
  • Hotel SB Diagonal Zero Barcelona
    Plaça de Llevant,
    08019 Barcelona Barcelona
  • 20th September 2019
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In addition to our already excellent and very broad range of speakers, the World Ethical Data Forum is fortunate also to be in possession of the last recording made by Julian Assange before his communication channels were cut off by the Ecuadorian embassy in March and his contact with the world outside drastically restricted, effectively silencing him. An hour long, this never before seen video, covering subjects such as the conditions of his detainment, his reasons for beginning Wikileaks and his treatment at the hands of the press, the consequences for culture should Wikileaks disappear, the meaning and importance of cryptography, the recent advances in AI hacking, cyber-warfare and surveillance technologies, and much more besides, is scheduled to be shown to attendees after Jennifer Robinson’s headline appearance.

Topics to be discussed

Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, Digital Currency

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