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Monetize data. Prevent fraud. Scale businesses.

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ICO Starts: Tuesday, 30 October, 2018 - 00:00
To event remaining 13 days

ICO Ends: Wednesday, 14 November, 2018 - 00:00

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Hard Cap

15,000,000 USD

Soft Cap

3,000,000 USD

ICO starts in 1 week



General information on the GGRocket token sale.

GGRocket ICO

Token: GGR
Token Type: EOS
Price: 1 GGR = 0.15 USD
Buy with: BTC
, Buy with: ETH
, Buy with: Fiat
Market Soft Cap: 3,000,000 USD
Market Hard Cap: 15,000,000 USD

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About GGRocket ICO

The GGRocket protocol has been evolving for over two years and has turned from a marketplace for gamers, into a high tech company, that uses data analysis and machine learning technologies to produce high-quality target advertisement and mechanism for rewarding users. GGRocket is the first tri-function blockchain protocol: Proof of Data: Rewards dApps for recording gamer’s data on blockchain Proof of Trade: rewards Users for recording their trading data on blockchain Proof of Judgement: rewards community members for resolving trading disputes. There are different ways of use depending on who you are: Gamer - Use dApps to easily record purchases to your blockchain ID and earn tokens. - Encrypt your data, open access to it in one click and get paid by advertisers. - Use tokens to safely purchase gaming assets, services, activation keys, gaming devices and more. - Become a judge and earn tokens for disputes resolution between other players and sellers. dApp developer - Scale your dApp faster with a unique protocol that rewards users. - Easy to build dApp with a growing base of SDKs and Open-sourced solutions. - Enough of verified data to train your AI. - Monetize existing IDs in GG Rocket If you don’t have your own user base. Publisher / Marketplace - Spend your marketing budget much more effectively to acquire new users - Integrate tools of GG Rocket ecosystem to raise up your ARPPU - Use clear market analysis to make decisions that change your business - Build community of developers around your platform Gaming community / eSports platforms - Monetize your audience more effectively with easy to integrate solutions and SDKs. - Use open-sourced solutions of GG Rocket ecosystem to increase your audience engagement. - Use GG Token or create your own with to implement additional instruments of monetizing.

Data Insights

Domain name trust and strength, marketing and link building efforts.

Website & Search Marketing

Evaluate the projects domain name to assess it's marketing impact. Bear in mind, new domains take some time to grow in scores.
The domain name is an important business asset and Search Marketing data a good indicator of marketing and press activity. Generally, sites with domain score and trust scores over 30/35, the site could be deemed authoritive by Google.

Metrics provided by SEM Rush

Analytics Reports are provided by SEMrush who evaluates domain names, competitors’ strategies in display advertising, organic and paid search, and link building.

Domain Trust Score

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Domain Quality Score

What's domain quality score?


Number of Backlinks

The total number of domains, including common referring domains, linking to a given domain.


Number of Linking Domains

The total number of domains, including common referring domains, linking to a given domain.


Number of URLs

The number of backlinks to a given domain.

Data last updated: 23rd August 2018

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