ICO Ratings and Reviews

Our ratings systems explained so you can understand how we score ICOs.

Our ICO Rating Methodology

Every single ICO listed on our website is scored based on a variety of data points and a resulting 0-10 rating is generated.

As our ICO ratings are generated by our unique scoring system, it cannot be manipulated.

How ratings are calculated

Ratings are auto-generated by over 2000 lines of custom code which looks at each data point and scores it accordingly. The system has been tested and tweaked and the results are pretty amazing, with over 2,000 ICOs rated from 0 to 10.

How ratings are updated

Everytime a listing is updated, the data points are re-assesed and the profiles rating will be re-calculated based on the new or removed data.

We update listings everyday so scores can change often, dependent on what was changed.