SGame Pro SGM

Play mobile games, mine crypto tokens, earn real money


ICO Starts: Wednesday, 12 September, 2018 - 07:00
ICO Ends: Friday, 12 October, 2018 - 07:00

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Hard Cap

6,600,000 USD

Soft Cap

2,000,000 USD

ICO complete. May be available to buy on cryptocurrency exchanges.



General information on the SGame Pro token sale.

SGame Pro ICO

Token: SGM
Token Type: ERC20
Buy with: ETH
Market Soft Cap: 2,000,000 USD
Market Hard Cap: 6,600,000 USD

SGame Pro on the web

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About SGame Pro ICO

Sgame Pro is a mobile gaming Platform aggregator, owned by Sgame SA a Swiss based company. Under development since 2016, Sgame Pro successfully launched its Alpha version in 2017 achieving over 50,000 downloads with no marketing spending. Sgame Pro is entirely focused on the rapidly growing mobile gaming industry and has developed two major technical innovations: First, Sgame Pro enables players to be rewarded with our newly issued utility crypto-token (SGM) while simply playing the world’s most popular mobile games. SGM will be the only way to access and benefit from the Sgame Pro Platform and the sole settlement method for all transactions with the Sgame Pro ecosystem. Second, Sgame Pro aggregates the fragmented sector of independent and major game publishers into a one-stop-shop gaming Platform. On Sgame Pro, Players will not only be able to find all the latest games, but will also have the opportunity to challenge others in games that were previously single player games, creating an entirely new gaming mode. This innovation is truly disruptive given that 78% of the mobile gaming market is single player while most of the revenues stem from multiplayer games. On Sgame Pro, Publishers will earn significantly more revenue as the new ecosystem encourages increased Player engagement through the aforementioned technical innovations. Publishers will also benefit from improved user acquisition based on Sgame Pro’s prominent marketing campaigns in conjunction with its Influencer Partners (“Influencers”). Sgame Pro’s Influencers include the likes of Pewdiepie, Tweakbox and many more, with over 80 million highly engaged followers spread across the globe. In a world where Influencers’ revenue streams are becoming increasingly erratic, especially on major traditional Platforms such as YouTubeTM, Sgame Pro is perfectly positioned to help Influencers better interact and monetize a highly targeted Player community through an innovative “never-ending” referral program.

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