ShareRing SHR

World's First Trusted Token for Sharing Service


ICO Starts: Monday, 7 May, 2018 - 01:00
ICO Ends: Thursday, 7 June, 2018 - 01:00

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Hard Cap

48,000,000 USD

ICO complete. May be available to buy on cryptocurrency exchanges.



General information on the ShareRing token sale.

ShareRing ICO

Token: SHR
Token Type: ERC20
Price: 1 SHR = 0.02 USD
Buy with: ETH
Raised: 0
Market Hard Cap: 48,000,000 USD

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About ShareRing ICO

ShareRing is an on-demand platform that centralizes the highly fragmented sharing economy by bringing together sharing services across all industries and geographies. Using our decentralized marketplace, users can securely access, connect, and pay for services anywhere in the world. We’re developing an ecosystem that is essentially the Amazon for the sharing economy. ShareToken (SHR) will function as the digital utility token that drives sharing transactions to be written to the ShareRing ledger while SharePay (SHRP) will act as the currency in the ShareLedger blockchain. By going with a two-token strategy, no knowledge of blockchain/crypto is necessary to utilize the ShareRing ecosystem. ShareToken contributors will also have the chance to stake their tokens in a leased proof-of-stake model, allowing individuals to pool for a full node with 50% of the total transaction fees paid to node holders.

ShareRing are the developers of the ShareLedger blockchain, a ‘smart service system’ that makes it far easier on a global level for millions of customers to access, and use on demand, a wide range of assets within the fast-growing sharing economy. ShareRing™ has incorporated a number of core elements that together create the smart sharing on-demand service system. These elements are: A custom-designed distributed blockchain (ShareLedger), which is already in development. ShareLedger will be harvesting one of the most recent developments in blockchain technology, i.e. a dual token mechanism. ShareToken (SHR) will be used as the utility token of the platform, while the second token, SharePay (SHRP), will be used as the currency for sharing services.  Aspects of a proven platform and API which are already being used worldwide in the sharing economy. A clever, integrated smartphone app. Ongoing mechanisms for creating a strong and growing network of providers and users Features and Benefits that the ShareLedger blockchain platform will provide over traditional cloud/server hosting sharing platforms: Quick and easy ‘sharing’ transaction validation. Immutable records of data. Additional attributes may be added to an account, such as ID confirmation, rental history, asset ownership, etc. SharePay (SHRP) is used by customers to pay for the rental of assets. ShareToken (SHR) is used by providers to pay for their access to the ShareLedger blockchain, including the addition of assets, renting out of assets, adding attributes, adding smart contracts, and other features. A provider can earn SharePay by renting out their asset (ie. car), and then use those tokens for example to rent an apartment, thanks to the multi-industry application. Earn additional tokens by hosting a node. Custom ‘rules’ may be added to assets or wallets to allow for various ‘sharing’ scenarios.

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White Paper

The world’s first trusted token for 
sharing services. One way to pay 
for sharing everything, no matter 
what it is or where you are.
MARCH 5, 2018 - V1.0

This document is a technical Whitepaper 
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ply that the Promoters of the Whitepa-
opments of the ShareRing platform and 
ShareToken, the ShareRing platform or 
Promoters of the Whitepaper and/or any 
as to the accuracy and completeness of 
per and/or any persons associated with 
the ShareRing ecosystem.  An integral 
the ShareRing ecosystem or any infor-
persons associated with the preparation 
such matter.
the preparation and/or publication of 
aspect of the ShareRing ecosystem is 
mation which is made available in con-
and/or publication of this Whitepaper. 
this Whitepaper endorses, recommends 
the issuance and usage of the crypto-to-
nection with any further enquiries, not-
The Promoters of this Whitepaper do not 
While the Promoters of the Whitepa-
or approves any material on the linked 
ken known as the ShareToken.  
withstanding any negligence default or 
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update this Whitepaper or to otherwise 
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ly under development and are not cur-
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The Whitepaper may refer to a number 
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above limitations detailed in this 
(whether foreseeable or not) which may 
in this Whitepaper may change without 
which is made available in connection 
mentioned in this Whitepaper, however. 
MARCH 5, 2018 - V1.0

ShareRing are the developers of the ShareLedger blockchain, a ‘smart 
service system’ that makes it far easier on a global level for millions of 
The utility token  customers to access, and use on demand, a wide range of assets within 
the fast-growing sharing economy.  This newly emerging, but highly 
fragmented industry, is currently worth over $100 billion.  It is predicted to 
from ShareRing,  grow to at least $335 billion by 20251.
ShareRing™ maintains it can be the Amazon of the sharing economy.  
the developers of  Why? Simple - ShareRing™ will enable you, and millions like you, to use a 
single app that gives you access to any available asset you wish to rent, 
borrow or share anywhere in the world at any time.
an open-source 
ShareRing™ has incorporated a number of core elements that together 
create the smart sharing on-demand service system. These elements are:
blockchain based 
A custom-designed distributed blockchain (ShareLedger), which 
is already in development. ShareLedger will be harvesting one of 
platform for the 
the most recent developments in blockchain technology, i.e. a dual 
token mechanism. ShareToken (SHR) will be used as the utility token 
of the platform, while the second token, SharePay (SHRP), will be 
sharing economy
used as the currency for sharing services. If we were to think of this 
as a running car, then the analogy would be that we are providing 
both the fuel and the oil needed to run it, whereas most other com-
panies and blockchain projects simply provide the fuel!
Aspects of a proven platform and API which are already being used 
worldwide in the sharing economy.
A clever, integrated smartphone app
Ongoing mechanisms for creating a strong and growing network of 
providers and users
1. Source:
MARCH 5, 2018 - V1.0

The Origin 
Of ShareRing
Keaz is the genesis from which ShareRing was born.
About the ShareRing 
Established mid-2013, Keaz is a global leader in white label car sharing 
solutions with offices in Australia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, United States, 
New Zealand and plans of expansion into Europe for 2018. Our core 
Development Team
technology, KeazACCESS, was released in May 2015 and now manages 
and provides daily access to over 8000 people sharing vehicle assets 
globally2. KeazACCESS is a powerful cloud- delivered ecosystem enabling 
enterprises, governments, organisations, communities and individuals to 
Headed by our lead developer, Tony Doan, the dedicated and long-es-
share and digitally access assets, as well as enhance mobility services 
tablished ShareRing team of blockchain engineers, has won a number 
from anywhere in the world.
of development related awards including, most recently, the prestigious 
1st prize at the December 2017 Blockchain Hackathon in Vietnam . The 
The KeazACCESS ecosystem addresses three hyper-growth global mar-
team currently consists of 5 experienced, full-time blockchain develop-
kets which are: (i) Vehicle & Passenger Mobility, (ii) the Sharing Economy, 
ers, a project manager and a graphic designer. They were also heavily 
and (iii) Internet of Things (IoT) integration. While Keaz has grown and 
involved in the initial development of the KeazACCESS platform API, so 
proven to be solving a real-world problem in the sharing economy, it is 
their experience within the sharing economy and blockchain industry is 
still only a starting point.  The market is still in its infancy and no single 
unparalleled. The team will be expanded to 15 full-time developers over 
company has fully capitalized on the full potential of it yet.
the coming months.
That is why we have decided to take things to the next level.
2. Source:
MARCH 5, 2018 - V1.0

The Problem
Can you name more than five companies that operate within the sharing 
economy? There’s AirBnB, Uber, then you might draw a blank.  
The Solution
Do a quick Google search and you might be surprised to find there are 
thousands of companies around the world that operate within the sharing 
economy. They offer sharing services including everything from apart-
ShareRing™ not only provides the solution to these issues, but it also 
ments, tools, office space, storage, heavy equipment, caravans, camping 
offers additional benefits.  The ShareLedger blockchain is a core compo-
equipment, cars, meals, information and more. However, this has led to a 
nent of this because it enables universal access to every asset attached 
fragmented access to the overall sharing economy, with compartmentalised 
to the ShareRing™ smart system.
services that, more often than not, vary widely in the manner in which one 
may make use of them.
The inherent problem of gaining access is significant, and the following are 
only some of the problems in the present state of the sharing economy:
Currently, providers are heavily segmented or operate only within very 
small local markets.
Signing up for these ‘sharing economy’ companies is a huge hassle for 
you.  Each one has a different method to sign up and identify oneself 
to gain access to their platform and ‘assets’.
The method through which you make sure you gain the asset, when, 
Four years ago, the founders of Keaz Limited conceived the idea of an 
where and in the form you want, is uncertain and at times complicated
individual or organisation using just a single app to access any type of 
asset anywhere and at any time to rent, borrow or share. However, at the 
If you’re travelling and wish to use one of these platforms, many 
time, the task of creating an app with universal access seemed insur-
providers only allow access to local residents, or charge international 
mountable due to the technological limits present back then.  Therefore, 
travellers in their local currency, creating frustration due to the addi-
the founders of Keaz focused their efforts on becoming the #1 platform for 
tional bureaucracies and costs involved. 
vehicle sharing globally.  This they have done with resounding success.
Finally, there’s the ‘trust’ issue.  How do you know that the company 
Now with the introduction and global scale of blockchain technology, the 
or individual provider is ethical and legitimate?  What recourse do you 
Keaz team is certain they can solve the issues holding the global sharing 
have if anything goes wrong?   What about the database, is it secure, 
economy back, while also bringing to fruition the initial vision the founders 
is your privacy protected, will it still be online tomorrow? Trust is of 
had four years ago. The answer is ShareRing™.
fundamental importance when it comes to sharing assets belonging to 
third parties or services offered by such third parties, so we set out on 
a singular mission: placing trust back where it belongs.
MARCH 5, 2018 - V1.0

Why Choose the 
Areas of ShareRing 
Sharing Economy?
Oxford defines the Sharing Economy as an economic system in which 
Below are just a few examples of areas where ShareRing™ will be used. ShareLedger, the platform that is based 
assets or services are shared between private individuals (either free 
upon our original KeazACCESS concept, is being further developed in a way that allows for the sharing of virtually 
or for a fee), typically by means of the Internet. It is an economy built on 
any asset, as outlined in the following list: 
collaboration and on trust.
We’ve chosen to further develop and focus on the Sharing Economy 
because it:
Reduces global footprints, offering greater social sustainability
Is in its infancy - Airbnb was founded only in 2008 and Uber in 2009!
ShareLedger can be used for the rental of cars, trucks, scooters, trailers, 
Is multi-faceted, and has many product-market segments
and even heavy vehicles.
Has a global reach
Delivery Drivers   
Using ShareLedger to facilitate booking and payment for delivery drivers.
Is experiencing rapid growth
Garden sharing, seed swap, bee-hive relocation, etc.
Has multiple characteristics around asset identification, identity and 
Peer to peer lending
security that perfectly suit our blockchain platform
Food bank, social dining
Has multiple benefits for both asset providers and users.
Tours, shared tour groups
Real Estate 
Airbnb, co-housing, co-living, Couchsurfing, shared office space, house swapping.
Labour, co-working, freelancing
Book swapping, clothes swapping, fractional ownership, freecycling, toy libraries.
Car sharing, ride sharing, car-pooling, bicycle sharing, delivery company, couriers
And so much more!
MARCH 5, 2018 - V1.0

Features and Benefits that 
the ShareLedger blockchain 
platform will provide over 
traditional cloud/server 
hosting sharing platforms
Quick and easy ‘sharing’ transaction validation.
Immutable records of data.
Additional attributes may be added to an account, such as ID 
confirmation, rental history, asset ownership, etc.
SharePay (SHRP) is used by customers to pay for the rental of 
assets. ShareToken (SHR) is used by providers to pay for their 
access to the ShareLedger blockchain, including the addition 
of assets, renting out of assets, adding attributes, adding smart 
contracts, and other features.
A provider can earn SharePay by renting out their asset (ie. car), 
and then use those tokens for example to rent an apartment, thanks 
to the multi-industry application.
Earn additional tokens by hosting a node.
Custom ‘rules’ may be added to assets or wallets to allow for 
various ‘sharing’ scenarios.
MARCH 5, 2018 - V1.0

The ShareLedger 
Blockchain Platform
When developing the ShareLedger blockchain platform, the development 
Account – This will be a standard account, which such an account being 
team will leverage the experience and registered intellectual property 
represented by a 24-byte address. The account will contain 4 general 
from the existing KeazACCESS framework by moving the relevant 
components into a newly designed blockchain, as well as the team’s 
extensive experience in blockchain technology in general. 
SHRP – SharePay token balance
SHR – ShareToken balance
The ShareLedger blockchain will be a dual token ledger. The reason 
ASSETS – linked/owned by the account (see below for definition of 
why we have chosen token-duality as a model for our system is that of 
an Asset)
ensuring a stable ongoing service, with the price for the use of such 
ATTRIBUTES – Any additional attributes that are associated with 
service determined for an indefinite period of time.
this account. These attributes may be updated or added by Sharing 
Economy providers that utilise the ledger such as ID checks by 
The ShareLedger will consist of the following primary elements:
rental companies. These attributes may be ‘global’ (i.e. used by any 
sharing providers) or ‘local’ (i.e. used by a specific sharing provider).
SharePay (SHRP) – SharePay is the base currency that will allow users of 
the ShareRing platform to pay for the use of third party assets.
Assets – An asset represents a tangible real-world or digital asset that is 
being shared, such as a car, a house, industrial machinery, an e-book, and 
ShareToken (SHR) –  – ShareToken is the digital utility token that 
so on. 
drives sharing transactions to be written to the ShareRing ledger that is 
managed by the ShareRing platform.
Smart Contracts – Similar to a number of other blockchain platforms, 
such as Ethereum and NEO, the ShareLedger blockchain will feature 
highly customisable smart contracts. These Smart Contracts will allow for 
decentralised autonomous applications that can be attached to an asset 
and/or account. Every smart contract will be Turing complete, meaning 
it will have the ability to implement sophisticated logic to manage the 
sharing of the assets. The smart contracts will be tested and reviewed by 
ShareRing in a sandbox as well as audited by reputable third-party code 
auditors prior to implementation.
MARCH 5, 2018 - V1.0

The Utility of 
Number of beds 
Initially, the smart contracts that are associated with an asset will be 
predefined and providers will only have the ability to change the variables 
associated with the smart contract. Later on, a toolkit will be provided for 
the creation of custom smart contracts.
The ShareLedger wallet will be a lightweight wallet, written in Javascript. 
It will connect to the remote nodes via RPC for access to the blockchain. 
Proof-of-Stake Consensus
Since it won’t be hosting a copy of the blockchain, the download size for 
the wallet will only be a few kilobytes and will be an in-browser wallet that 
We have chosen the Leased Proof-of-Stake protocol as the consensus 
can be used on PCs and smartphones.
algorithm for ShareLedger. This choice is based on the practicality and 
security benefits evident in the Waves platform.  It is also much more cost 
The Wallet will contain all of the standard functions of a wallet, including:
effective than Proof-of-Work (POW), and will not suffer from the current 
issues Bitcoin and other POW cryptocurrencies are facing such as scal-
View ShareToken and SharePay balances
ability and electricity consumption. 
Transfer ShareToken and SharePay to another wallet
Purchase ShareToken
Leased Proof-of-Stake protocol is an improved variation of the vanilla 
View transaction history
Proof-of-Stake protocol that eliminates its security flaws such as consen-
Viewing leased assets
sus failure and the double spend problem.  It is a two-tier architecture sys-
tem consisting of full nodes and lightweight nodes.  Full nodes will form 
The ShareRing wallet will be designed to be as exciting, easy to use, and 
the backbone of the ShareLedger network and the leasing functionality 
multi-functional as possible.
of lightweight nodes will strengthen it.   By reducing the number of nodes 
that are eligible to add the next block to the blockchain, transaction times 
will be reduced and overall transaction throughput increases.  A user with 
a lightweight node will be able to stake their tokens to a full node of their 
choosing and participate in reaching consensus.  They will also be free 
The represented assets will be tokenised so that they may be moved 
to cancel their leasing at any time as there are no contracts or freezing 
into a wallet address. An asset will have the ability to have a predefined 
periods.  The more tokens that have been staked in a full node, the higher 
smart contract associated with it that will contain specific rules.  This 
the probability the node will have in producing the next block.  Since the 
may include rules such as ‘temporary’ wallet moves, ownership levels, 
reward is given based on the total number of tokens staked in the full 
and restrictions on what type of account can be moved based on the 
node, there will always be a trade-off between the size of the full node 
‘attributes’ associated with the account. The customisation of these assets 
and the percentage of the reward.
will be available to developers and sharing economy service providers. 
Attributes can also be added to assets, which attributes are particular to 
As an average user of the platform, you will not need to have technical 
that assets itself, such as: 
knowledge on how to set up a node nor will you have to download the 
entire blockchain in order to stake your tokens.  Only a user who sets up 
Asset type 
a full node will be required to do this, making it simpler than ever for users 
Number of wheels
to earn a reward for supporting the platform.
MARCH 5, 2018 - V1.0

Simplistic View
MARCH 5, 2018 - V1.0

A universal ‘ShareRing’ app is being developed that will allow anyone to 
easily see and use any sharing services around them. Each partner will 
have the option of developing a ‘mini’ app within the ShareRing app that 
will have functionalities specific to that partner.  The app will use geoloca-
tion-based services to display the ShareRing services that are nearby. 
The final look and feel of the app may change as development progresses.
MARCH 5, 2018 - V1.0

Transaction Fees
Transaction Fee 
Most transactions, with the exception of exchanging SharePay to 
As indicated above, when a 
on a calculation of Total Amount 
ShareToken between wallets on the ShareLedger blockchain, will incur a 
transaction fee is incurred, it 
Staked and the total continuous 
small transaction fee payable - by providers - in ShareToken (SHR). This 
will be distributed in a way that 
uptime of the node. 
fee will reduce over time, inversely proportional to the current demand 
allows for token holders and 
of SHR tokens. The SHR will then be distributed amongst stakeholders 
stakeholders to receive a reward 
50% - will be provided to 
according to the table in the ‘Transaction Distribution’ section of this 
from each transaction. Transac-
ShareRing Ltd for distribution to 
tion fees are charged to sharing 
team members, providers, and 
providers in SHR.
developers who will continuously 
As detailed previously, ShareLedger utilises a dual token platform that 
contribute to the overall Share-
separates the utility and currency into two different tokens.  SHR operates 
The distribution of transaction 
Ring ecosystem, as well as the 
as the utility token of the platform and SHRP becomes the ‘currency’ of 
fees will be as follows:
systems that will integrate with 
the blockchain. This has a number of benefits, namely:
the ShareLedger such as 3rd 
50% - will be distributed amongst 
party API’s that are developed 
Commercial/Individual users of the ShareLedger blockchain do not 
the masternode holders who 
for the blockchain. The SHR will 
need to go through the effort of purchasing a SHR cryptocurrency 
host an active node on the 
be distributed to developers via 
on an exchange to be able to use the ShareRing ecosystem.
blockchain at that point in time. 
incubator programs or developer 
The distribution will be based 
Price fluctuations for users of the blockchain will be avoided.
Users can use their credit card to access the ShareRing ecosystem.
No knowledge of blockchain/crypto is necessary to utilise the 
ShareRing ecosystem.
MARCH 5, 2018 - V1.0

Fee and 
Initial SHR 
2 Year 
Earn Examples
FEE Target
RENT4ME LTD., a small start-up with 100 rental vehicles, 
If we take the above transaction 
Based on projections, we expect 
revenue for RENT4ME LTD 
that within 24 months there will 
develops a Car Sharing user interface and integrates it 
and expand it to match the 
be at least 1,000,000 assets in 
within the ShareRing platform.  This allows them to scale, 
existing customer base of Keaz, 
the ShareRing ecosystem with 
automate their processes, increase their security/trust, and 
predominantly being car sharing 
an average transaction fee of 20 
organisations, then the expected 
SHR per month. Such forecast is 
have exposure to a wider audience.
initial transaction revenue for 
based on our projections of asset 
ShareRing could be 750,000 
types and usage patterns thanks 
SHR per month. Using the first 
to our extensive experience 
example above, this would result 
within the Sharing Economy. 
in a monthly profit of 720,468.88 
SHR, meaning that the overhead 
percentage is only that of 3.37% 
After their user interface is complete, RENT4ME adds 100 cars as assets 
100 x 5 = 500 SHR
- a far cry from the exorbitant 
to the platform. The one-off transaction fee to add each car is 5.0 SHR.
cuts of current localised and 
centralised platforms.
RENT4ME then adds 14 custom attributes to each of the 100 cars (VIN, 
100 x (14 x 0.08) = 1120 SHR
REGO, Rental Policy, Rental Cost, etc) @ 0.80 SHR per attribute.
RENT4ME then starts renting out the vehicles. They have an average 
8 x 100 x 1 = 800 SHR per day 
of 8 transactions per day, per vehicle (rental and return) @ 1 SHR per 
(24333 SHR/mth)
25953 SHR for month 1
then 24333 SHR per month.
MARCH 5, 2018 - V1.0

Development Timeline
2017      2018
August 2017
High Level 
Scope Defined
Consensus Model 
Go Live For 
Agreed On
Public Availability
January 2018
Development R&D 
Nodes & Wallets 
Pilot Clients Added 
On Concensus 
Commences On 
Released For Review
To ShareRing
MARCH 5, 2018 - V1.0

Token Sale 
Terms of Issue
The SHR token will be issued on the Ethereum blockchain using an 
A total of 4,000,000,000 (four 
ERC20 token standard.
billion) tokens will be issued, with 
a USD hard cap of $48,000,000. 
Pre-Token Sharing Event (TSE) – February 2018
The exchange rates will be fixed 
each Monday @ 12am UTC. The 
Pre-TSE ends – March 2018
tiers for each sale period are 
outlined below:
TSE period – May 2018
Pre-TSE – 1 SHR = $0.01 
We plan on selling the SHR tokens via a White List sale process, with a 
($25,000,000 @ 50% 
KYC (know your client) verification process for all contributions.
discount) – 2,500,000,000 
SHR tokens
ShareRing will also run a number of competitions and events in con-
junction with our partners, including a Token Hunt and country specific 
Main TSE – 1 SHR = $0.02 
($20,000,000 @ no 
discount) – 1,000,000,000 
Note: SHRP will not be available for sale via the Token Sharing Event.
SHR tokens
Note: The minimum contribution 
for pre-sale participants will be 
$150,000. To protect against 
a ‘pump and dump’, pre-sale 
participants will have their tokens 
locked for a maximum period 
of 3 months from the end of the 
token sale event.
MARCH 5, 2018 - V1.0

Upon completion of the sale period, SHR Tokens will be distributed 
All of the funds that are held in cryptocurrencies by the ShareRing 
as follows:
treasury will be auditable by the public, as the public address of the 
cryptocurrency wallets will be published on the ShareRing website. An 
explanation of any major expenditure will also be listed publicly on the 
ShareRing website. The funds will be allocated roughly as follows. A full 
budget will be presented during the ICO main sale:
30% allocated to main-net development, including the integration of 
KeazACCESS as the first ‘client’ to be integrated to the ShareLedger.
10% allocated for external reviews and technology validation by 
third party consultants and auditors.
30% allocated for setting up ‘incubators’ and bonuses that will start 
Bounty Program
working on 3rd party product integrations with the platform.
Token Sale
20% allocated for global marketing and promotions.
10% for contingency funds
MARCH 5, 2018 - V1.0

The ShareRing 
Core Team
Investment Director
Non-Executive Director
Non-Executive Director
Tim is an experienced blockchain 
A highly competent business man-
As the grey-haired member of 
Peter has a lifetime of experience 
A founding shareholder of Keaz and 
engineer and entrepreneur who has 
ager, Rohan’s experience in online 
ShareRing team, and our Investment 
in every aspect of growing global 
ShareRing, Jane provides financial 
founded several succesful sharing 
analytics spans many years. He is 
Director, Neville Christie’s career 
technology businesses. As CEO, 
oversight, budgeting and financial 
economy and IoT related companies, 
highly sought after in this sphere with 
has covered a very wide range of 
COO or general manager, he has led 
forecasting support to the executive 
including global car-sharing platform 
a renowned reputation which speaks 
industries and roles.  At various times 
several startups to generate total 
team. As an FCA her career has 
Keaz, which has offices in Australia, 
for itself. With a strong background in 
Neville has acted as chair, facilitator, 
revenue of more than $300 million. 
taken her from audit partner, with a 
Hong Kong, Vietnam and the USA.
major automotive, plant equipment 
innovator, entrepreneur, business 
In 2013 he founded Keaz with Tim 
national UK accountancy practice, 
and e-commerce brands, Rohan’s 
mentor, venture banker, chair of stra-
Bos and currently serves as the 
through corporate finance advisory 
Priot to this, he has held senior roles 
knowledge of the rental (sharing) 
tegic innovation boards, and futurist. 
company’s CEO.
and interim management at board 
with a number of widely recognised 
space is exemplary. His keen interest 
level, to her current focus on broader 
and respected organisations, 
in crypto mining technology and 
In all cases, his core function has 
Prior to Keaz, Peter held many many 
change management and organisa-
including Program Manager at 
hardware has lead him to become 
been to drive exceptional people, 
management roles in both privately 
tional development.
Avanade Australia (a Microsoft and 
an expert in this field, from which he 
disruptive technologies, start-ups, 
held and publicly listed companies. 
Accenture joint venture), Associate 
has derived great deal of experience 
and mature businesses to become 
Most recently, he was the GM for 
With experience working in UK, 
Director at Barclays Capital, 
since installing a crypto mining farm 
more innovative and impactful at 
Pronto, managing an ERP team of 
Russia, Middle East and Asia, she 
Project Manager at GE Capital, IT 
of his own in 2015.
scale, without sacrificing the authen-
71 staff.
brings a clear understanding of both; 
Infrastructure Manager at Atari – 
ticity of ‘soul’, or total well-being, of 
the financial and organisational chal-
Melbourne House, and Principal 
the businesses or the individuals 
Peter grew up in Palo Alto and 
lenges facing a fast growing business 
Consultant at Software Spectrum. 
leading them. 
studied his MBA at Santa Clara 
operating in a global environment; 
University’s Leavey Business School.
and the need to establish robust 
Neville’s strong focus on the con-
financial practices to track and man-
tinued success of ShareRing is part 
age resources effectively in order to 
of his abiding interest in two special 
support the planned rapid growth.
kinds of projects – those that add at 
least $100+ million value to the world, 
and those that positively improve the 
well-being of at least 1 million people 
world-wide.  ShareRing admirably fits 
this profile.
MARCH 5, 2018 - V1.0

The ShareRing 
Advisory Team
Adrian has been a solicitor for 30 
Christopher is a serial entrepreneur 
Jonathan’s considerable experience 
Anna is a cryptocurrency evangelist 
years having concentrated on IT law, 
with extensive experience working 
in the blockchain sector ranges from 
and a highly experienced Marketing 
and IT security law. He is presently 
with Startups and Ventures. Having 
a close study on the developing 
and Public Relations consultant 
advising on Blockchain technology 
worked in senior roles for some of 
regulation in the area to hands-on 
with an extensive background in 
and its legal impact and is currently 
Europe’s most exciting technology 
experience in the technical and eco-
fast-paced and dynamic industries 
working on 6 ICOs across multiple 
Startups across the UK and Berlin, 
nomic aspects of cryptocurrencies, 
including Fintech, Gaming, Blue 
where he was first introduced to 
one of the most widely-adopted uses 
Chip Companies and International 
Blockchain, particularly within the Fin-
of the blockchain so far. Jonathan’s 
Music Festivals. Anna advises on and 
Principal of ODMOB Lawyers which 
tech space. Christopher advises busi-
LL.D. (Doctorate of Laws) thesis was 
oversees the entire ICO or Token 
specializes in high-tech IT legal 
nesses on Blockchain eco-systems, 
titled “The Effect of Bitcoin on Money 
Sale marketing and communications 
regulatory requirements, Whitepaper 
Laundering Law”, and being complet-
strategy and Roadshow programme 
Structuring and Appraisals, Business 
ed in May 2015, it was one of the first 
for TokenKey clients alongside 
Plans, Token Design, and Architec-
ever legal theses on the subject. He 
her in-house team and strategic 
has been following developments in 
the area for four years and moreover 
has also participated as a keynote 
speaker in several conferences both 
in Malta and abroad, covering the le-
gal, technical and economic aspects 
MARCH 5, 2018 - V1.0


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