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Hard Cap

300 000 000 TCOIN

Soft Cap

3,000,000 USD

ICO complete. May be available to buy on cryptocurrency exchanges.



General information on the Talenthon token sale.

Talenthon ICO

Token: TCOIN
Token Type: ERC20
Price: 1 TCOIN = 1 USD
Buy with: ETH
Raised: 0
Market Soft Cap: 3,000,000 USD
Market Hard Cap: 300 000 000 TCOIN

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About Talenthon ICO

Talenthon, is a UK based recruitment platform, whose mission it is to create a global recruitment platform that delivers thoroughly vetted and technically assessed candidates to potential employers using block-chain technology and gamification techniques. Who is Talenthon? Talenthon is a UK based recruitment platform, whose mission it is to create a global recruitment platform that delivers thoroughly vetted and technically assessed candidates to potential employers using block-chain technology and gamification techniques. Problem The $450 billion global recruitment industry has been struggling for decades to find genuine and fully qualified candidates to fulfil job vacancies. A recent CIPD report revealed that 3 in 4 organisations are finding this matter extremely problematic for the hiring process. Furthermore, the recruitment Industry is swarming with all kinds of tools and software which should supposedly make life easier for companies who are looking to recruit a job-seeker. Innovative technologies like Big Data and AI are being tested to help employers recruit the best candidates. The downside, however, is that these technologies add a massive amount of data to gain any valuable input. Firstly, these kinds of data only reside in centralised databases of a few companies. To complicate things further, data residing in multiple databases for a person does not match to a significant extent. That is, CVs are frequently modified to suit the job description, which in return results in fake clutter, rather than clarity. Ironically, this problem continues. Job Boards, LinkedIn, recruitment agencies or an in-house recruitment team, currently have no way to assess the quality & genuineness of a candidate without spending a tremendous amount of time and money to evaluate them properly. Solution Talenthon’s solution is to verify candidates’ CVs and their skills listed on their CVs using blockchain technology and gamification techniques. For extra added value and excitement, our platform will also integrate a reward-based system using cryptocurrency. Our cryptocurrency is called the “Talent Coin.” We will distribute this coin to candidates after they upload their CV to our platform and again after they list their references. Candidates can earn more Talent Coins after the completion of each technical assessment taken, which is designed to pair with their listed CV skills. After the completion of each technical assessment, scores would be calculated using a proprietary scoring system, which would help rank genuine and better-skilled candidates above their competition. Benefits for Employers looking for Talent Employers can choose their subscription, as per their resourcing needs. Once their subscription is active, clients can login and gain access to their dashboard. This dashboard is very easy to use and has a range of management tools. In fact, using these tools would enable an employer to manage their complete application life-cycle. Furthermore, employers can see an overview of information, from posting and updating job roles, the number of applicants applied for a job role, gaining access to Big data, Personality assessments, skill-based scores, and real-time social networking feeds for each candidate applying to their job post. Employers can also use the search toolbar to find certain skills and experience a candidate may have listed in their profile. They can also filter all the higher-ranking candidates over the lower ranking candidates to find the right person to fit their posted job description. Benefits for Jobseekers Talenthon would be the first ever recruitment platform where job seekers can create an excellent profile, take assessments based on their profile skills to showcase their talent and get rewards with cryptocurrency, Talenthon’s “Talent Coin”. Talenthon is planning to distribute 60% of their talent tokens to candidates who participate in their platform, and in return, they can buy technical assessment sessions to increase their score and beat their competition. They can also use these tokens to purchase education training sessions. To buy Web CV templates, and book career consultations. Or, if they don’t want to buy any additional services from Talenthon’s Platform, they could sell their tokens instead to other users on our platform. Talenthon’s usage The usage of our platform would be extremely beneficial: Block-chain is verified and widely recognised as being the best approach to employ. It has immense potential to be scaled up to cater for the global B2B market. Works well across all industries It would also expand itself rapidly without any marketing efforts, using an inbuilt viral marketing technique. It’s a complete ecosystem which gives multiple potential revenue streams. Employers looking to hire technically assessed and vetted candidates People looking to take extra assessments to improve their skills Recruitment agencies who want to refer qualified candidate Background agencies looking for appropriate information People who want to attend training to improve their skills We aim to take this $450 billion global recruitment industry by storm with this future project, especially in an industry where immediate improvement needs to commence in the hiring process. The concept of using blockchain technology and gamification techniques to verify a candidates CV and their skills listed, would improve the way employers hire talent and for job seekers who want a fairer and better system to seek employment!

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